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Express Email Marketing Is A Simple Way To Stay In Constant Contact With Your Audience

In today’s ever changing marketing sphere it is vital for your business to keep up with the latest trends with express email marketing.  Some of the areas we’re going to talk about involve online survey, events, mass email, and social media marketing tools.  The purpose of mass email marketing is to stay in constant contact with your customers.  What better way to do this than with a monthly newsletter (i.e. news blast).  Click Here to Begin

Many customers are LinkedIn with social media outlets and it’s important to adapt and turn your likes/fans into customers. With express email marketing from Boppeshoppe we give you the social tools to:

* Spread results by routinely publicizing your email offers on the top social networks.

*Track the activity on your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace pages all from one screen.

*Find out what your customers really want. It’s important to know what they’re thinking. Continue reading