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Dominate Like A Boss With Express Email Marketing

[fusion_text]Express email marketing helps you dominate monthly tasks like sending mass emails. Long gone are the days where it took hours to send a large group of people an email. With innovation and MyBasic LLC email marketing only takes minutes. Our email marketing software makes life simple through email automation. You no longer have to be in front of your computer or click the send button to send out your email blast, that’s some  great news right? Many people do a lot of business from their phones and our technology can help. If you’re always on the go and tied up in business meetings we can simplify your life with our email marketing services.

If you’re over seeing a networking event or some kind of campaign where you need to reach a large amount of people in a short amount of time email marketing is a good idea for you to consider. If you’re in need of fund raising ideas consider creating a video and adding it to your email blast. Do you need to send out a survey or petition to supporters for your campaign? Our Email marketing software makes that task simple. Our technology has features that allow you to group people in categories so you don’t get your email contacts mixed up.

State, local, or federal agency benefit from email marketing because it makes your communication efforts efficient and effective. You can send communications internally to colleagues and externally to keep the community abreast of events and important news.

Are you in charge of coordinating family functions like family reunions and other family outings for your family? Our Express email marketing product will simply sending emails. Do you need to notify family members when and where the family reunion will be this year or next? Add family emails to your database and send mass emails with ease. If a beloved family member is in the hospital and you need a system that will help keep them informed consider express email marketing. Rather than having to manually add emails over and over we simply that process by enabling you add or import contacts from your email and social media accounts.

If you’re in a school organization, fraternity, or sorority express email marketing helps streamline your mass communication tasks. Notifications dont stop there, we’ve also added social integration so you can share blasts through your social media channels. To find out more information click on the link.