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3 Ways Express Email Marketing Can Make Your Business More Efficient

 Express email marketing is a game changer and is meant to streamline your online marketing efforts.  As you grow your business its an essential idea to gather email addresses of new and repeat customers, this effort helps you keep up with them (customer retention). Over time customers may move from one location to another but their email address is likely to stay the same.

If customers have made a purchase from you once and had a good experience they’re more likely to purchase from you again. A good way to keep your business on their mind is email marketing. The beauty of email marketing is that it enables you to easily send them coupons, special discounts based on upcoming holidays, etc. It’s okay to ask for their email if you’re a store front, the worst they can tell you is no unless you make it apart of checkout procedure to ask them for email (think Old Navy). Are you asking for your customers emails? If not offer an incentive or simply tell them the reason you’re wanting their email address. Here are the three ways express email marketing can make your business more efficient:

1. Email marketing allows you to reach a large amount of people in a short amount of time. Whether your email database is in the 1000’s or 100’s reaching all of them with express email marketing can be done with the click of a button and with practice becomes really easy. Our email marketing platform takes all of the hard work out of getting time sensitive communications to large audiences. We have over 150 templates that you can customize, create your message, and send it quickly. If you’re not collecting your customers emails how are you keeping in touch with them? If you don’t think that’s important please reconsider.

2.Email marketing allows for automation of your mass mailings. If you don’t have time to be in front of your computer and send each email blast MyBasic LLC’s email marketing software enables you to automate that process. Once you get signed up practice having an email blast sent at a certain time and around that time go grab a cup of coffee so you can see first hand the power of our express email marketing tools.

3. Express email marketing allows for automation of your social posts. If you’re wanting to automate a post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn we have a cool feature that allows you to do just that. You can add links and pictures to the automated post. This feature can be used to automate sending blog posts and several social media posts. One common practice to get the most out of blog posts is to re-post, this automation feature is perfect if you’re needing a way to do that without having to manually do it yourself.

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