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Your E-Commerce Story

As I was doing research for this article, trying to get an in-depth grasp on what makes an e-commerce site truly effective, I realized that creating a site is a lot like creating a story. I find this analogy compelling not just because it simplifies a concept that can be very technical and  heavy with marketing jargon, but also because it provides a holistic view of what you should be considering when you decide to create a site to sell your product.

Firstly, you must identify your audience (read: target market). It is estimated that this year alone there will be over one-hundred-ninety-million digital buyers in the United States. With e-commerce on the rise, it is a virtual guarantee that your target market is buying online. And as business trends head toward specialized niche-markets, businesses can be even more specific when it comes to tailoring their site to appeal to their potential buyers.


This means that when you create a site (or story) you should consider what message you want to convey. If you don’t have an explicit message you are sending, consider how you want your site to make your customers feel. Our professional design team knows that emotions are evoked through different colors, fonts, and features. If you want to sell your homemade jams and make your customers feel like they are buying from their own grandmothers, you will want a different aesthetic than if you are selling your jams as the newest innovation in organic preservatives. This means you need to consider what will appeal to your target audience, as well as what feels most true to you and your brand.

Another thing that our experienced e-commerce developers know is that you need an effortless transition from start to finish. For a writer this means that their story isn’t convoluted, or heavy handed as it goes from beginning, to middle, to end. For a website developer this means that your site guides customers along from homepage, to product, to cart and checkout with ease. Everyone has read a story or essay that needed some serious editing, and everyone has clicked on a website that left them so baffled that they exited out of the whole thing before they made their purchase. If your website isn’t intuitive to navigate you will lose precious clients. That is why at My Basic LLC our team puts in the extra effort upfront to ensure an easy-to-use design that saves your clients effort later.

One way to make things easier on your clients is by tapping into behavior patterns that they have already developed. This can mean something as simple as placing the “check out” button in the top right corner, because people instinctively look to the right to when they are ready to move on. Or it may mean backing off of the pop up messages because people get annoyed when you shove things in their face. The point is to remember not to recreate the wheel. Just as you expect to flip the pages of your book from right to left, (except for the manga enthusiasts out there) your customers expect your layout to function in a predictable fashion.

Finally, every story needs a happy ending, so let me finish by reminding you that you are not in this alone. Facilitating natural e-commerce growth requires a holistic approach that encompasses a lot of nuances that the average person never even considers. And that’s okay! Our team at My Basic LLC has spent the last eight years cultivating the type of insight and experience that makes producing effective sites second nature. Please give us a call because we would love to be part of your story!


–Mallory and the My Basic Team

The power of team in teamwork

the power of team work mybasicllcWhen developing a custom website we embrace and champion the fact it takes a team to complete the mission successfully. From the account director to the project manager down to the graphic designer and web designer there are many moving parts at play when developing a website. From past experience we’ve learned valuable lessons and see the value in a full ensemble cast. Granted every project may not need 12 people but if the project requires such support there are no short cuts. If one person is doing all the work something is bound to happen. Why? Because we’re human.

In many industries we have to deal with someone undercutting the industry. I mean someone saying they’ll do something for less. Sure at the end of the day the client ultimately wins but at what expense? There is such a thing as industry price and a competitive price and there is also a such thing as a price that hurts industry. You see and learn a lot of things being in business for over 8 years. We see projects that have smaller budgets cannot employ the needed and necessary personnel to make sure the project is successfully complete. Concerning web design projects we don’t want any one person to be overwhelmed with work.

We see the account executive plays a significant role as does the project manager at My Basic LLC. Our copywriters are just as important as the account manager because if one component is missing it has an effect on the overall project. Every person counts. Adding a project manager is essential to making sure a project is completed according to a client’s needs and wishes. Clients need someone who is dedicated to their project from start to finish and our project managers are that and more. Communication is key and that’s apart of the human experience.

We pay attention to our clients, that’s a benefit of being a small business. We’re also personal which means you’re not just another number. You matter, your business matters. We want you to succeed for a variety of reasons. A defining reason is when you succeed we succeed. We want to be a contributing factor in your journey toward success.  We write this post to your success and hope to be apart of the journey. Call us sometime.

Business Tip 7 “Get Organized, It Can Make Life A Little Easier”

If you’re an entrepreneur or business professional chances are you network a lot. That’s one of the ways you meet new people and drum up new business. Well as you go to event after event what do you do with the business cards you collect from the cool people you meet? I’ve kept business cards in designated places and some have just disappeared…smh.

When people give you their business card its a way to keep in touch with them. The picture below shows you how someone’s desk might look after a networking event and how they can get organized.

Did I always know to do this? Nah, I do have a sister however named wisdom and she did give me the solution to the problem. Back when I was a teenager I used to collect football cards of my favorite players. They had plastic pages to put the cards in to keep them neat and organized. Do they have the same thing for business cards? Yep, so I leave you with a picture of chaos and order lol. Have an enjoyable, blessed, and safe Labor Day weekend.




Express Email Marketing Makes Life Easier

Express email marketing is the coffee that wakes your marketing campaign up in the morning. It is the crim dela crim of all things email marketing and if you’re not utilizing it to your advantage consider it right this second. Imagine you have an email database of customers ranging in the 100’s to 1000’s and you want to get the word out that you’re having a spring sale for your ecommerce store or services you provide. There isn’t enough time in the day to email or call everyone who’s done business with you and say “hey we’re having a sale”. Express email marketing is a valuable tool designed to make your life easy. We can’t speak for constant contact but we have a library of over 12,000+ images at your disposal and over 110 templates you can customize to fit your marketing needs. Our prices are more streamlined allowing you to put that extra money to work with your marketing campaign.

We have a simple to use system that enables you to import your email contacts and categorize them as you see fit. If you’re the kind of person who likes to plan in advance we have a scheduling feature that allows you to send scheduled email blasts. We also have an unsubscribe feature so if someone in your database wishes to no longer receive your email blasts they can do so at the click of a button.

Using our express email marketing tool saves you time, money, and time. You can’t beat a system that sends out a mass email to a large audience in seconds. You can customize the content and if you’re slick enough you can even include video. Need help with that? Ask us about the video hack.

Our Express email marketing plans also come with a survey builder software you can use to find out information from your audience. Our software comes embedded with tracking software so you can see who has and who hasn’t looked at your email blasts. We also enable you to share your blasts on social media. As a MyBasic LLC customer we provide the necessary tools to help you keep up with your audience at the click of a button.


SEO and Web Design are Inseparable. You can but you can’t have one without the other. Sure you can build a website but if no SEO has been performed for the website how do people find you on the web? We’re not talking about people you meet and give your business card that has your website on it. We’re talking about people who are looking for the products and services you’re selling. Put yourself in shopper mode, go to Google or Bing and  type in the keyword “ice cream”. If you scroll down there is a website there called Jeni’s Ice Cream, I’ve never heard of Jeni’s until now and their ice cream looks good.

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