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A rising trend to watch

PowerPoints is one of the most common forms of presenting in the workforce. They’re used in business, education, marketing, and training. It’s estimated that over 157,184 companies use PowerPoint, according to iDataLabs. Although PowerPoint is commonly used within the world of business, it’s effectiveness has recently been called into question. A Harvard research team recently conducted a survey to figure out how effective PowerPoints are. The findings probably aren’t exactly what you want to hear. According to the survey, PowerPoint presentations are no better than presenting orally with no visual aids. So how exactly can you avoid this death by PowerPoint phenomenon?

Despite expert’s animosity, it’s become very natural for us to look at screens to learn and retain information. It’s estimated that by 2019, video will be responsible for 80% of the world’s internet traffic according to elogic. Our reliance on digital screens may scare some at first, however, there is a way to capitalize on this. One way to take advantage of this is by investing in video production. Opting for video-based presentations isn’t anything new. According to elogic, 98% of organizations had stated they would use video as part of their digital learning strategy. At MyBasicLLC we specialize in creating effective videos that effectively market your services. Whether you need a video for advertising, education, branding, or training we have the experience to make your dream a reality.

Presenting with video has multiple advantages. One of these advantages is how the information is presented. Videos can show us events, objects, and realistic scenes that can’t be easily demonstrated through PowerPoint. A common example of this in action is commercials. Remember the OxiClean commercials? Most likely that question triggered memories of bright liquids being poured onto clothing, while Billy Mays enthusiastically exclaimed how tough stains now disappear like magic. Now imagine the last presentation you attended that used PowerPoint. Most likely you couldn’t remember that presentation as vividly as the commercial. The reason videos are so effective because they’re ability to link audio and visuals together, which creates a multisensory experience.

Another advantage of using video is the overall user experience. I mentioned the death by PowerPoint phenomenon earlier. PowerPoints tend to get a bad rap. Most likely your audience has already developed an opinion about your presentation before you’ve presented it solely based on your use of PowerPoint.  This can make things difficult and turn a once easy sale into an uphill battle. Employees alone are 75% more likely to watch a video, according to Panopto. Any guesses as to why? Watching videos have become a part of everyday life. Some of the most popular forms of media are solely video based. Videos have become a natural and enjoyable way for us to take in information. As a result, users are more likely to engage with your product or idea through video. Videos through other forms of communication show similar trends. 21% of readers are more likely to act on an email when a video is included, according to Panopto.

Lastly, videos are cost effective. 40% of training budgets are spent on travel costs alone, according to IBM. This doesn’t even take into consideration the scheduling conflicts that may arise. Videos are both easy to access and readily available. Live demonstrations or presentations aren’t always consistent since we as people are subject to mistakes. Videos ensure that your organization or business can always bring its a-game. As a result, your presentation is always representative of the message you’re trying to convey.

Here at MyBasicLLC, we make sure that your vision becomes a reality. Whether your project is intended for online or HD broadcast, our video production team has you covered. We apply the same level of detail throughout all phases of production.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to check out other posts on how our services can help your business grow and succeed. If you have any questions, be sure to give us a call.

-Adam and the MyBasic Team