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How To See If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Thanks for stopping by to learn how you can see if your website is mobile friendly. Over time it has become more important to make sure your website is mobile friendly just ask Google or Bing. This feature influences whether your website shows up on the home page in search results for a keyword you’re needing to get ranked with or the 8th page. Below are some tools/links you can use to check if your website is mobile friendly.


Mobile Friendly Test (Click Here)


Mobile Friendliness Test Tool (Click Here)

With these two tools you can check if your website needs an update or you’re good to go and your website is mobile friendly. If you need any assistance with this or other needs send us a message below or give us a call: 404-477-4512

Why Choose My Basic LLC?

One reason why you should consider My Basic LLC is we’re passionate about what we do. The feeling we get when we’re able to work hard and position a client to succeed is invaluable. Imagine you’ve employed My Basic LLC to help out with your digital marketing or seo. You go to your favorite search engine and you show up in search results, your phones are ringing more as a result of our efforts and business is picking up… that’s what we’re passionate about. We want to see our clients succeed!!

We are passionate about web hosting in that we’ll save you some coins on your web hosting if you vow to put the savings in marketing your business, is that not a win/win? Call us… really. We’re located in Atlanta which means we’re local.

Another reason you should consider My Basic LLC is we value our relationships and we look to be involved long term in your businesses growth and success. We’re a creative team and we look forward to learning more about your project and developing a sound plan and move on that plan to help you grow. We are stewards of your marketing, call us.

Web Design Services

Need a website designed for your business or a website redesign? I’d like to learn more about your ideas so we can come up with a plan to design or redesign your website. Our background is in marketing and we’ve been in business in Atlanta since 2008. If you want to talk about your web design or marketing needs call us at 404-477-4512 or visit us at https://www.mybasicllc.com


Lets grow your business by five to ten percent in 2019!!

Ok in order for us to do that we need a plan. We need to carry out the plan, monitor the plan, adjust the plan. Whats your budget for next month? Next quarter? That’s got to be apart of the plan. We’re looking for clients who want to grow their business in 2019. Take the “Grow your business in 2019 challenge”. You can reach us at 404-477-4512

Beta Web Design Subscription Plan

Atlanta Web Design just got better for the person who is looking for a business minded web design plan that helps you focus on marketing your business. This plan is designed for the business who’s budget is below the $1800 starting price for web design services. My Basic LLC is offering a month to month web design plan that is designed to help you market your business and succeed. Plan details are below:

MyBasic LLC Beta Web Design Plan

Plan includes:

CMS Website-(We will send you several ideas to choose from for the website. You will need to provide content for each page.)

Mobile Friendly- (Website will be able to be viewed on big screens on computers or the small screens of smartphones)

Web Hosting- (Included with plan)

Seo ready-(Will add keywords to web pages)

SSL certificate-(Will help with seo ranking and secure your customers information over the internet)

Business Email-(You will be able to create 3 business emails

5 page

Web Administration (3 changes per month and changes must be submitted via form. Change will take 3 days to implement)

Cost:$150.00 monthly fee

Fine print: This plan is ongoing, you can cancel at any time. We will send you several theme ideas to choose from for the website. Customization is limited and there is no custom coding for this plan. You will need to choose one of the ideas we send you for us to build from. You will need to provide content for each page. You have the option to exercise 3 change requests per month to website. Once website is built you will need to fill out change request form for web administration. It will take 3 days to make change and you are limited to 3 changes per month. After 12-month time period has elapsed website will belong to your business. You will need to reach out to us to request website file. We will send it via dropbox as a zip file. You will have an option to redesign website once each year. This package does not include ecommerce.

Business tips for your business

My name is Steward Clinton I’d like to share with you some business tips for your business. I represent My Basic LLC, we provide marketing consulting, web design, web hosting, app development, and other supportive services.
I’d like point something out you can test on your website url…
See where the red arrows are on the image on the left?
When you pull up Google Chrome  you will see the “Not secure” notification which means the website doesn’t have an ssl certificate and is providing an unsecure web browsing experience for the end user.
On internet explorer(edge) you’ll see a similar notification with an exclamation point:”Be careful here”
Your connection to this website isn’t encrypted. This makes it easier for someone to steal sensitive information like passwords.
Firefox says “Connection is not Secure” in red.
Google, Bing, and other search engines look favorably at websites that have an SSL certificate on their website so much so that in can improve a websites web rankings in search results. Ultimately you want people to find your website using a keyword that many people use to find the services/products you offer. This deals with digital marketing and search engine optimization. You can get an ssl at www.stewhosting.com along with web hosting and a business email. We’d like to offer you a 10 minute complimentary consultation to see how your’e doing with your marketing and website. Maybe we can save you some money on your web hosting which you can put into your marketing campaign and grow your business. Give us a call, 404-477-4512

Web Design Services Atlanta

Are you looking for an experienced atlanta web design services company located in Atlanta to help build your website? My Basic LLC would like to learn more about your project so we can come up with a web-design-atlanta-mybasic-llcplan to help. We have been in business for 10+ years and enjoy learning about the cool business ideas clients come up with.

When we learn about the business we adopt it as our own and our goal is to build your website with all the features you need to meet your goal. Our background in marketing can only add value and perspective when it comes to reaching your audience.

The Design of your website and functionality makes all the difference when it comes to creating a good user experience. In addition to that fact pricing and good customer service are ingredients for success. Ever heard of the term “out of sight, out of mind?” It is still relevant because once your website is built how is your audience going to find you on a internet filled with millions of websites?

Digital marketing is a proven method of helping people find you online. Word of mouth is also a nutrient in the equation and our goal is to leave no stone un-turned in terms of helping you reach your audience. Is your audience primarily on social media? We can reach em. Have they cut the cord with cable or are they remaining faithful? We can reach them, whether they’re at home or on their way to work we are confident we can help you reach them not just with technology but with a message that connects with them and is informative.

We’re an extension of your team and will work hard to help you get the results you need to grow and sustain your business.

If you’d like to call us for your complimentary consultation we can be reached at 404-477-4512. We’re a local atlanta web design company.

Digital Marketing for the Digital Era

marketing-servicesDigital Marketing is an essential tool if you are trying to reach a broader audience online to grow your business. Rapidly fading are the days of passing out flyers and having costumed people dance outside with “Sale” signs. While these methods have their value, we would like to offer an alternative that we think will be even more effective than your costumed friend. Yes, some might say that marketing has evolved into something a little more sophisticated these days. After all, it is no secret that most of your potential clients are searching for your services on the internet. So what is it they are seeing?

To do a little market research try pulling up a search engine and typing in a keyword associated with your business. Are you one of the first results? If not, the first thing your potential clients are finding is a list of your competitors.

With every Google and Bing search you may be losing potential clients.

Let’s explore your social media presence. Looks like your business’s Facebook page isn’t cutting it when it comes to increasing your virtual visibility. Don’t feel bad. You certainly don’t have to go it alone. Instead, think critically about the situation and consider hiring a team of professionals to manage and grow your social media presence for you, so that you can go about your day assured that your business is getting the likes and shares you were hoping for.

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking to grow your business and bring on an experienced marketing firm. We know all about the nuances of marketing in the digital age from branding, and web development, to mobile apps. Moreover, we have proven strategies that help us help you.

Our team of web developers a website that looks good on a desktop or laptop doesn’t cut it anymore. While many people can pay for a web address and slap together a half-decent website, it takes more finesse to orchestrate a site that engages your viewers on their phones, tablets, computers, watches, glasses, tvs, and whatever they happen to be searching on by tomorrow. We are talking about a website equipped with features such as interactive content, infographics, pictures, and videos and more!

And, of course, if you have a custom idea, we can make that happen too.

We tailor our services to fit your vision and we recognize doing so requires more than just hard work from our trained team of professionals. It requires communication. That is why we set up consultations with our clients to ensure that your business gets the quality of attention that it deserves. We know your vision can’t be reached until we understand your business and your plans for the future. When you sign up for  My Basic LLC you sign up for real people who care about your needs and concerns. Amazing

To reinforce your brand we have our specialists bolster your current image or help you draft one from scratch. Branding is what makes your business identifiable against other businesses offering similar services. Good branding doesn’t happen by . You can’t just smack some golden arches on a sign and have an empire overnight. But you can schedule a consultation with My Basic LLC and go to sleep at night knowing you’ve put your brand in good hands.

Another way to connect with your customers is through mobile apps. Mobile apps can put your business in the good hands of thousands of potential clients. Applications can help you sell more products, stay connected to your clients on the go, and generally stay relevant in today’s app-happy world. While many people may be able to patch together a website, apps are a little more daunting. Fortunately for your business, we have had the opportunity to develop apps for iOS and Android which can be found on the Apple Store and Google Play. One example is Recruiting Prospects. Through this app we gave high school and junior college athletes an easy way to send their stats to NCAA colleges and universities. Why not set up a consultation to see what one of our apps can do for your company? Stay current with our up-to-date marketing strategies on all platforms!

Thanks for reading, and make sure you check out our other posts for more information on how we can help your business thrive! And as always, if you have any questions be sure to give us a call.


–Mallory and the My Basic team