The power of team in teamwork

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the power of team work mybasicllcWhen developing a custom website we embrace and champion the fact it takes a team to complete the mission successfully. From the account director to the project manager down to the graphic designer and web designer there are many moving parts at play when developing a website. From past experience we’ve learned valuable lessons and see the value in a full ensemble cast. Granted every project may not need 12 people but if the project requires such support there are no short cuts. If one person is doing all the work something is bound to happen. Why? Because we’re human.

In many industries we have to deal with someone undercutting the industry. I mean someone saying they’ll do something for less. Sure at the end of the day the client ultimately wins but at what expense? There is such a thing as industry price and a competitive price and there is also a such thing as a price that hurts industry. You see and learn a lot of things being in business for over 8 years. We see projects that have smaller budgets cannot employ the needed and necessary personnel to make sure the project is successfully complete. Concerning web design projects we don’t want any one person to be overwhelmed with work.

We see the account executive plays a significant role as does the project manager at My Basic LLC. Our copywriters are just as important as the account manager because if one component is missing it has an effect on the overall project. Every person counts. Adding a project manager is essential to making sure a project is completed according to a client’s needs and wishes. Clients need someone who is dedicated to their project from start to finish and our project managers are that and more. Communication is key and that’s apart of the human experience.

We pay attention to our clients, that’s a benefit of being a small business. We’re also personal which means you’re not just another number. You matter, your business matters. We want you to succeed for a variety of reasons. A defining reason is when you succeed we succeed. We want to be a contributing factor in your journey toward success.  We write this post to your success and hope to be apart of the journey. Call us sometime.

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