This Is How To Increase Traffic To Your Website And Get Ranked With Search Engine Optimization

Getting your website ranked with search engine optimization takes continuous work, planning, and many other variables you may not have the time to sit down and do yourself. That’s why it’s a good investment to hire an SEO company to do the hard work for you and get results. If you’re not sure how search engine optimization works here is an example. Lets look at MLB Transportation, their website is They are a non-emergency transportation and charter bus company serving Atlanta Georgia.

They needed to be ranked on Google so when people used the keywords “charter bus”, “charter bus service”, and non-emergency transportation they would come up in the top search results. It’s makes sense because decided based on their domain name you wouldn’t know they offered those particular services.

MyBasic LLC planned a course of action with MLB Transportation and went to work. Months later you can type those keywords in Google and you’ll see they come up in search results on the first page. What did SEO do for their site? It helped sustain their business and increase their revenue. Having an SSL certificate on your website can boost your rankings with search engines like Google.
My friend this is how you drive and increase traffic to your website, hire an SEO company that has experience helping clients get ranked and increasing their traffic. This will free up your time so you can focus on macro managing your business. Methods and algorithms for getting ranked change all the time so it helps to have MyBasic LLC on your side. Our team of experienced professionals thrive at helping websites get ranked.

The cool part of SEO is visitors start coming to your website form internet searches. People in general don’t have the time to wonder how you appeared in their search results, all they know is they typed in a keyword and your business showed up on the first page results and they clicked on your website to see what you had to offer.

Part of the process of us helping you with SEO if you don’t already know is adding analytics to your website. This will show you important stats like bounce rate, how long people spent time on your website, where they visited your site from, what pages they looked at, whether they used a pc or mobile device, demographics i.e., organic searches vs direct visit, whether they’re male or female, age group, and a couple of other factors that can help you fine tune your Marketing campaign and gauge if the SEO team you hired is doing what they said.

What we want most is to work hard and get your website ranked so you can compete with your competition. If your website is out of sight then it out of your audiences mind. We need for you to succeed, why? Because your success is our success. Please call us or email us today to talk further on how we can help you get ranked and increase your website traffic. or (404) 477-4512

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