Two Scenarios Where Express Email Marketing Made Their Lives Easier.

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Express email marketing can make life easier by simplifying key components of your marketing and advertising campaign.Have you received mail promoting special discounts and coupons from local and online businesses? Sure we’ve all thrown a great percentage of the marketing materials away but we’ve also taken advantage of them and that makes direct mail marketing still worthwhile.

In many cases express email marketing can complement and even replace direct mail depending on your budget, same as having a website in addition to your brick and mortar location. Below are a couple of scenarios designed to high light the benefits of express email marketing.

Mars Catering Business– So the year is 2045 and mars has officially been colonized and businesses are migrating to position themselves to help mankind grow and live comfortable lives on the red planet.  Malls and shopping centers are beginning to come to life and progress is being made to make Mars enjoyable.

Mark and Janet Philo, recent migrants from earth decided to make the trip to mars in hopes of starting and running a successful catering business. They set up shop and with a name like Mars Catering they thrived. With a lot of foot traffic they thought of ways they could retain their customers and discovered express email marketing. They discovered the ease of importing contacts from their email addresses and the ability to automate email blasts promoting special deals and notifications. Mark and Janet exclaimed “Express Email marketing on a 10G network helped us retain our customers and make our mark on the red planet, go mars!” Imagine that!

The Greatest Transportation– In a land far far away, or about 248 miles from Savannah Sammy Warhorse developed the desire of being one of the top transportation services in Atlanta. He specifically liked charter buses and envisioned a fleet of sky blue cruising buses serving the citizens of Georgia and beyond.

Sammy didn’t know where to begin but did his research online on how to start a business. He got his business license in DeKalb County and secured his LLC at the state level on the secretary of state’s website

He pitched his transportation idea to family and friends and was able to secure $20,000 in his first successful round of funding “The Greatest Transportation”. He started small and worked his way up to paying for his first three charter buses cash. He secured several contracts with the city of Atlanta and several pristine colleges and had to grow even more to meet demand. As Sammy’s business grew so did his email contacts.

Sammy thought one day, “How do I keep in touch with everyone, my time is so limited?” On that same day he received an email from his web development company MyBasic LLC talking about how express email marketing could make life easy by allowing businesses to send out email blasts to their customers with the click of a button. Sammy tried out the express email marketing product, well actually he delegated it to his assistant who learned how to use it and simplified Sammy’s email marketing campaign. Sammy actually didn’t have an email marketing campaign before so this smart business tool put Sammy on the map. Imagine that!

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