Using Website Design to Capitalize in a Fast Paced World

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The design of your company’s website plays a crucial part in whether your business will experience success.

According to a study conducted by Google, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses online, however, these favorable statistics do not guarantee that your website will be successful.

Imagine looking over an analysis of your website, while you may be overjoyed to find out that your website has attracted thousands of visitors and views, these statistics don’t necessarily reflect success, nor do they translate to business.


An aspect that’s typically overlooked when analyzing the success of a website is the bounce rate. Bounce rate is a technical term that refers to the percentage of users who visit your page without interacting with any clickable elements on your site or navigating to any other pages. A higher bounce rate translates to a loss of potential consumers.

The average time spent on a page is also a good metric to look at when judging the effectiveness of your website’s design. A typical user tends to spend 10-20 seconds on a web page according to Nielsen Norman Group. If your users fall within this 10-20 second range, then most likely your content isn’t getting read.

Fear not, MyBasicLLC is here to give you some helpful advice in order to help you reach your goals. We have over 8 years of experience in marketing on a global scale.

And while these statistics may be discouraging at first glance, there are certain methods you can use to increase the chances of your visitors converting into leads.

When designing your site, it’s important to consider how the typical user views and navigates websites. After conducting a study of eye tracking research, Nelsen Norman Group found that 80% of users focused on the left side of the page, while it’s assumed the remaining 20% focused on the left to find the vertical scroll bar.

Therefore, taking simple steps such as rearranging your content can have significant positive impacts on your website. Since the average user spends 10-20 seconds on a website, and the majority of that audience focuses on the left side of the page, your priority content and navigation should be place front and center.

It goes without saying that 10-20 seconds isn’t much time, however, users are quickly able to judge your site based on prior experience. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your design is simple, functional, and easily communicates its purpose.

If you are unsure of how to go about meeting these criteria, then take a look at mainstream websites. According to Jakob’s Law of Internet User Experience, users tend to rely on their prior experience when navigating websites. Part of the reason for this is users spend most of their time on other websites. Therefore, in order to prevent confusion and to capitalize on the short amount of time you’re given, your design should follow patterns that are used by other mainstream websites.

While a flashy website may set you apart from other businesses, an expectation has developed of how a website should operate and where the content should be placed. Following simple patterns that you can find on other websites can significantly increase your chances of reaching potential leads.

If all of this still seems overwhelming, then MyBasicLLC is here to help. While websites have advancements over the past decade, our team will help you get up to speed. Since we have a background in marketing, we’re confident that our services can help you create a design that speaks to your audience.

Our web design services include analyzing and gathering data, software architecture, software development, testing, maintenance, and web hosting.

We would be thrilled to work with you and help you captivate your audience.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to check out other posts on how our services can help your business grow, if you have any questions be sure to give us a call.


-Adam and the MyBasic Team

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