Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality slated to help your business grow

Written by mybasicllc

Virtual reality has emerged as a popular technology in the new world and the users are increasing rapidly. Virtual reality /augmented reality is being used to bring perception to reality or recreating a model of ideas for better understanding. The combination of VR technologies relays all sensation of seeing, hearing and other sensations to make the experience more realistic. The VR tech is especially known for its inclining use in gaming, and the now in most of the kits the Kinect and other VR hardware come attached. It is also being used in the marketing of the product and is gaining popularity for it. The Augmented Reality is being used extensively in entertainment for modeling of non-existent characters. My Basic LLC has thus kept in mind it’s extending fame has decided to enter into the world of Virtual Reality to make more way to serve its clients.

How Virtual Reality Programming can assist you in your work:

My Basic LLC has been operating for several years in the world of web designing providing services like app development, digital marketing, public relations and advertising to businesses of all sizes. But with the trend of Virtual Reality Programming / Augmented Reality Programming, we have also decided to venture into the world of VR to provide better marketing opportunities for our clients. We realize the company’s need to convince the audience and make a good impression for their product. But sometimes creating a prototype can be difficult financially because of the excessive cost of raw material and production. So how can you gain an investment to develop something innovative? By simply using Virtual Reality Programming / Augmented Reality Programming you can represent your product virtually and present its features and uses in a fascinating way that is sure to capture the interest of your target audience. This can be done by doing 3D modeling or creating the 3D architecture of your product with the external ‘look’ and ‘feel’ you want it to have without having to go into the technical details involved in actual development of the product. The VR marketing has proven to be more convincing as compared to an untested prototype as the people can see what the product is going to look like before it is completed, thus making the direction of production more clear.

Our VR services:

We are offering marketing services to our clients to showcase their product with more fervor and save them the cost and effort for prototyping in order to judge the market response of the product. The VR marketing services are great to introduce a new invention or product into the market and you can easily judge its market demand before its release into the market. We are equipped with the right gear that is needed to make your product come to life. We possess the Virtual Reality hardware tech that will produce the best illustration of your requirement. With our VR specialist having vast knowledge and experience in working with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR and our company’s 4-year experience with Unreal Engine you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Our creative animators are sure to get the audience’s attention with their animation on your project. We provide designing and animation for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and our services extend to the work in Unreal Engine and 3D max. We provide 3D modeling and 3D Architecture design with the help of our expert designers and programmers. Along with marketing, our services can be employed in game development or game designing to create cutting edge games with amazing graphics. We have an entire team of VR tech experts with experience with marketing products and will provide you with perfect Virtual Reality models along with the perfect music or voice over to complete the whole package. Our team is also experienced in working with the archviz tool to provide high-quality visualization for your ideas. Visualization is an important technique to know for proper representation of products and helps in creating better models. Using archviz we provide a better architecture for your product for a much better 3D virtual representation.

Uses of Virtual Reality in Marketing:

Virtual Reality has completely revolutionized marketing of the product and made it more cost effective. And day by day more uses of this product in the field of marketing is emerging for better brand representation. There has been development various aspect of the technology to provide better benefit in this field. Perhaps the most widely used method for this technology is for a demonstration of features and attributes of the product. This method of presenting brand functionalities is easily achieved using the tool Gear VR.

Whenever a new product is introduced in the market the people are not sure of its use and are reluctant to spend money on it. By using virtual reality, the necessity and use of brand can be easily shown to the buyers even before it is launched in the market. Virtual reality is also working to capture the interest of the consumers toward the brand experience by means of drawing their interest through entertainment. And by keeping that interest at elevated height by means of social media the consumers have an ongoing interest in the product or brand.

It does a better job in educating the people about the type of product and how it is used and helps keep consumers more satisfied with their selection of the brand. It has also provided a better advertising method than print and narration of the specifications of the product to capture consumer interest. The user can instead experience the story in virtual reality rather than consider it separate from themselves. And the user can be more aware of how the product can benefit him/her and whether it is feasible for him/her. This feedback is very fruitful as it helps improves the product and since it is in the production phase so the overhead for improvement is very less. The 3D architecture in the early stage also makes it easier in the later stages of production as there is a target in mind.

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