Virtual Reality in the Medical Field

Written by mybasicllc

Virtual reality is improving client experiences in several industries – construction, real estate, transportation and now in the medical field.

If you have been critically ill, have you ever just wished you could jump out of your hospital bed and do something fun? Have you wished you could follow a risky surgery right from your couch?

Or, maybe you are on the other end of the medical field – as opposed to being the patient, maybe you are the doctor. Do you ever wish you could get just a little more hands-on experience with a specific procedure? While a video is great, there are not many second chances when it comes to medical procedures, so it is important that you feel confident the first time around.

Through virtual reality software, the experience of both the patient and the doctor are revolutionized. So cool!

Virtual reality allows a surgeon to walk through the surgery completely before ever actually performing it on a human body. It offers the doctor a first-hand look at what the operation will look like, what to look for during the surgery and the tools and techniques they will be using during the operation. Especially in a very complicated and extensive surgery, the availability of this upfront practice can make all the difference. It can lead to a quicker recovery, more successful surgeries and a less stressful operation room.

From the patient point of view, virtual reality can be a great tool in the patient’s mental health. Several patients lie in a hospital bed far too sick and weak to leave their hospital room and enjoy the little things in life. This can be incredibly true with end-of-life patients who long to experience a few more things but are just physically unable. Virtual reality software can allow the patient to soar through the clouds in a helicopter or watch the whales swim past their boat as they cruise on the ocean. In their recovery, the boosting of their mental health can really make all the difference.

Virtual reality offers patients, doctors, and nurses the experience they need to improve the hospital experience for everyone as a whole.

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