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When you invite us to join your team our goal is simple… help you leverage your time, be and stay profitable. The time you spend trying to do things you could delegate to our team is time you can never get back. We seek to place you where you can macro-manage your entire business, we help you macro-manage things like marketing, web hosting, web design, shooting your a commercial video/editing it, managing your social media channels, managing your seo/digital marketing campaign, building an app, advertising, etc. leverage time with my basic llc

We aim to free up your time so you can use that time to focus that time on what really matters whether that be attending networking events and scoring new business or giving back to community.  Our over goal is to help you grow your business, reach your audience, stop the bleeding (because if more money is going out then coming in you’re in the red), etc in any order you agree is best. Are you reaching your audience consistently? Are the phones ringing with people looking for your product/service consistently? If you answered no to either of these questions we need to talk asap, the clock is ticking (move with a sense of urgency).  If you’re not growing and you don’t think it is a good idea to reach out we support your decision. If want help visit our contact us page so we can get started.

We’re obsessed with success, meaning we want our clients to succeed. Whether you’re a startup or established business we think you could benefit from our perspective. Lets make it happen, lets make it happen today. Click on the “contact” button.

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My Basic LLC is a marketing communications firm based in Atlanta, Georgia with more than 10 years of experience. We see businesses can benefit from an independent perspective because it can add value to their goal of succeeding in their respective industry.

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