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We help your business stay in focus with your audience because if they’re focused on something else they’re not focused on you. Sure people have the ability to multitask but whatever is in focus gets the most attention. Put your hand in front of you and look at it, are you focused on whats behind your hand? Its the same way with business, a concerted effort must be put forth to help your audience focus on your brand, product, or service. Google a keyword that’s being used to find your particular service/product…did your business come up in the search results on the first page? If not how in do you think your audience is going to find you? When you search the internet how often do you check the 2,3, or 4th page?

When you see your competition sitting at the top of search engine results with a keyword you want to be ranked with how does that make you feel? If you said powerless, frustrated, or confused we need to have a conversation on how MyBasic LLC can help you change that situation.  You went into business to offer your product/service to your audience and meet their needs, we’re in business to help you help them meet their needs. The MyBasic LLC team will  lay forth a strategy and put in work to get your website ranked.

Search Engine Optimization is one of many marketing tools available to help you compete in the new digital world. Have you ever heard the expression out of sight, out of mind? It’s a true statement. If your audience has never heard or seen you product/service why would they feel inclined to seek you out? Another way you help your audience become familiar with your service/product is advertising. There are many forms of advertising… TV, Internet, Billboard, Print, and Radio. Finding the right medium will require and conversation, give us a call today.

Now one thing  that helps many businesses sustain themselves and even grow is word of mouth. I call this medium the gift that keeps on giving and many businesses need that in the start up phase. What should happen next in the growth process is your company expands. What we’re all doing is racing against time, we say this because someone is going to see your idea especially if its generating buzz and seek to get in on the action by offering an alternative similar product/service. At that point how do they compete? Offering what you offer but at a lower cost, it happens but to try to counter that as much as possible you have to dominate with marketing and advertising. Here is an example, lets say you’ve commissioned MyBasic LLC to help you advertise on TV. When your commercial is airing does your audience see your competition at that point in time? When your digital billboard ad is showing on the highway do they see your competition? Maybe if theirs is in rotation but its better to be in rotation than not.

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