We Want To Help You With Search Engine Optimization

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The reason we want to help you with search engine optimization is a two fold answer. Success is a shared experience and we want to help you succeed. From Bill Gates to Oprah Winfrey you will quickly discover it took a team to help a vision pick up steam and succeed. Doing the work necessary to get your website ranked online is no different. Search engine optimization is a continuous process that takes continuous analysis and a constant tweaking of your website and social media channels.

One of the many ways MyBasic LLC will help drive traffic to a client’s website is through content creation. Our writers are creative, thoughtful, and we enjoy what we do. When you bring us aboard we share the load of writing content so you don’t have to. Has it ever frustrated you when looking up a keyword on a search engine and your website is not in the top search results but you see your competition? We’ve got good news, our SEO services focus on helping you get ranked and compete. We deploy the necessary tools needed to help increase your website ranking, this will result in increased traffic to your website.

One of our processes is taking a look at your website and we let you know whether your website needs a tune up or a complete over hall. Is your website optimized for mobile devices? We ask this because search engines like Google have added this factor into their search algorithms and are giving bumps to websites that are mobile friendly. If your website isn’t mobile friendly we can develop a website that is mobile friendly for you. Here’s a certain way to discover whether or not your website is mobile friendly. Get on your smartphone’s internet and pull up your website. If the website doesn’t automatically adjust to your mobile device’s screen that’s cause for concern. If you have a tablet try the same procedure. Here’s a graphic to give you an idea of just how important having a mobile friendly website…

We Want To Help You With Search Engine Optimization

Another increasingly important attribute to take into consideration is SSL Certificates. Search engines are paying more attention to websites that are adding SSL to their website. The benefit of SSL or solid state logic certificates is encryption of information on your website. When customers and clients alike visit your website its important to take into account their security and yours. By the term “their security” we mean when they transmit sensitive information over the internet. SSL certificates are designed to deter and prevent predators from capturing your customers/clients information. Sensitive information could be a credit card number, email address, or any piece of information that isn’t readily accessible.

In this post we helped you with search engine optimization by talking briefly about the importance of having a mobile friendly website and ssl certificates. There is so much more to talk about and so many people to help. If you want to talk further about how MyBasic LLC can help your business with search engine optimization give us a call today.


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