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Web Design is one of the many marketing tools we use to help position our clients to get to the top of the mountain and reach their customers, its essential really. There are a vast array of tools needed to reach clients as they’re local, scattered, and living life by the screens of their smartphones. Many people know but it’s always good to point out if you’re selling a product/service you need to try and position your product so it’s at the right place at the right time increasing the likelihood your audience will see the item and make a purchase.

Once your website is built you have to stop and think how your audience will find your business in the midst of millions of online websites.

The answer is a culmination of ideas and methods needed to help drive traffic to your website.

If you’re a new website we have to look at building credibility to your website. This is because there are thousands of websites going up daily that are used for a variety of reasons (good and bad) and search engines are selective and authoritative in choosing whether they want to rank your website via complex algorithms. Our goal is to help your website transcend the internet clutter and help you reach your intended audience. How do we do that? One way is optimizing your website with keywords that are responsive to your industry, keywords people are using to find your product/service. This goes in hand with understanding how your audience thinks, learning what methods they are using to find your product/service.

Another tool you could use as part of your marketing mix is an adwords campaign. We don’t advise if you’re a small business to heavily rely on Adwords but rather use it as a complimenting tools with your marketing campaign. If your competitor has a monthly budget of $10800 for adwords there other ways to compete especially if you’re a small business. Our goal is to help you effectively and efficiently market your business so you can be profitable and not go broke in the process.

Ok so you Google or Bing several keywords being used to find the services you offer but you don’t see your website come up on the first or second page in the search results, how do we change that? The answer is Search Engine Optimization. It’s not an overnight process and takes constant work, monitoring, and adjustment. It is comprised of several time consuming tasks needed to continuously get your results. Back linking, blog posts, social media, and several other marketing methodologies are needed to get your ranked and keep you ranked.

There’s so much involved when it comes to marketing your business and Web Design is one of many key component in the marketing mix of things. If you’re past that point I’d ask how is your advertising and public relations campaign going? Running a business is about being visible, being profitable, and connecting with community. Need help with marketing? We’re a call away.

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