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March 19, 2020

The world of web design is constantly changing. To keep up with new technology and the dynamic demands of search engine optimization, it’s crucial to stay on top of the most current website design features.

The Latest Webdesign Features

Responsive Web Development and Design

With an increased number of web users accessing websites via mobile devices, it is increasingly important for the small business website to be responsive in design. Responsive design makes a webdesign mobile friendly as websites automatically resize to fit mobile browsers. This automatic detection of screen size eliminates the need for constant pinching, refocusing, and scrolling of a website when surfing on a smartphone or tablet.

SEO Friendly Permalinks and URL’s

SEO friendly permalinks and URL’s are links that are designed to target specific keywords. These keywords make the URL SEO friendly because as search engine robots index the website, they can determine the content of a webpage based on the keywords in the URL. Previously URL’s and permalinks were often composed of a random string of numbers or letters which provided little information to search engine robots. Now, by incorporating key words in to the URL of a page, a website designer can obtain higher search engine rankings for website content.

One Page Website Design

With the evolution of webdesign, the preferred design format has moved away from the multi-page format and towards a single page design. The single page design incorporates all pertinent website information in to a single long scrolling page. This single page website then features anchor points which allow users to click menu items and navigate to a specific section of the webpage. While single page web design is gaining popularity, though, it is still not the ideal solution for everyone, particularly the medium business with a more professional portfolio.

The “Hamburger Menu”

In earlier days, the website designer would incorporate a rather large and obtrusive menu at the top of any website. Today, however, when the value of online real estate is known, the small business wants to make the most of every inch of space on their company webpage. One way that these small businesses can save space on their corporate site is to utilize the “folding” or “hamburger menu”. Named due to its graphical appearance which resembles a hamburger, the “hamburger menu” creates a compact menu represented by a series of stacked horizontal lines. Clicking this series of lines expands a larger menu which can be used in the same way as a traditional menu.

Is More Always Better?

There are many current web design features that can be used to bring a website in to the current age of SEO friendly web development. Is it always wise to use as many of these functions as possible, though? Not necessarily. It is important to remember that the website is a single entity and every small feature that makes up that entity should work together for ease of use, aesthetic appeal, and function. If a single feature does not contribute to any of these three aspects of the site, it is unnecessary.

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