Web Design Myths

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March 19, 2020

When it comes to web design, there are, unfortunately, several commonly held myths that continue to prevail. From where to place your calls to action for your small business to the ratio of widgets to content, webdesign myths abound! While there are far too many myths to tackle every one, here are four of the most common.

1. The Calls to Action on Your Website Should Always Be “Above the Fold”

At one time web development companies and website designers were told that all calls to action on a website should be “above the fold”. Simply translated – any “selling tools” should be clearly visible on a website without having to scroll down.

Why is this a myth? Because if your website offers quality content, readers are willing to scroll down to read more about a product, service, or business. So, if your webdesign incorporates reliable and engaging information, a CTA or “Call to Action” can be placed above or below the fold!

2. More Widgets on a Small or Medium Business Website is Best

Many amateur web developers and designers believe that the more widgets they use, the better their website. While widgets have their place and can provide a valuable function when used correctly, like advertising banners, widgets can be overused.

Why isn’t it a good thing to have more widgets? Your website has limited “real estate” and a good website designer must maximize that real estate to be most beneficial to your business. So, instead of filling a website sidebar with widgets that offer content of little value (think calendars and quotes), focus instead on creating content that serves a purpose.

3. A Web Developer Should Build a Site to Serve as a Sales Tool

When building a small business or medium business website, many companies make the mistake of designing their site as a sales tool. While a website may serve to promote a product, service, or business, and may even sell products directly online, it should never look like a sales tool!

Why shouldn’t a website look like a sales tool? Website viewers have been trained to ignore, skip over, or delete content that blatantly represents an advertisement. Why? Because they are in search of content – information of value – not aggressive sales tactics. A quality web design should combine soft sales techniques with quality informational content.

4. Web Design is What Matters Most

As seen in #3, web design is important, however, some web development companies place design above all else and this is a mistake. There is a common mantra in the online world of web developers – content is king and this couldn’t be truer.

Why does content trump design? If your website looks pretty but offers little to no informational content, potential clients won’t have the information they need about your company to choose you over your competitors. Ideally, any small or medium business website should combine good design with quality content, but if there must be a choice between the two, content should always get priority.

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