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Our team enjoys being involved in the process of designing websites from start to launch. Sure there are many programs out there designed to make creating a website easy but there’s something about working with someone who can take an idea and bring in to life, the human touch. The process starts with a conversation where we talk with you on the phone, via chat, or in person depending on your level of comfort. At that point we learn more about your project and the needs and functionality the website will require. It is standard practice for us to make sure your website is mobile friendly as we know your customers/clients are on the go and using their smartphones as we speak. After our initial conversation we huddle back with our team and come up with several options to bring to life your website.

If you’re looking to have an ecommerce website created where you want to be able to offer returning shoppers a certain percentage off via a coupon code we take that into account in development, design, testing, web designand implementation. It has to work the first time otherwise that can equate to a bad customer experience and we can’t afford on our behalf a customer talking bad about your business because the website is not working… testing, testing, testing.  If you need a website that is interactive in the sense a visitor to your website needs to be able to complete a certain task we might consider java script or another coding language to help us accomplish your need and provide the best experience to the end user. That’s what My Basic LLC is all about… meeting a client’s unique need and doing a good job at a fair rate. “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches;” Proverbs 22:1

We’re not a one man band and this benefits our clients in a variety of ways, we’re able to stay dynamic… Go team! The web design landscape is always changing and we welcome change as new technologies help with the overall goal of marketing a business and a company improving its bottom line. We’re all for that! When we’re working we’re serving and that’s something we enjoy doing. We’re a locally based in the metro Atlanta area but because of the technological world wonder called the “Internet” we can work with clients from just about anywhere. We’d like to learn more about your web design project so we can come up with an idea that will help you continue your journey to succeeding at entrepreneurship. Please, if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to communicate with us.

The My Basic LLC Team.

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