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Our team thrives on being involved in the website design process from beginning to launch, we’re a local Atlanta web design company! The numerous DIY website programs can’t offer you our warm handshake, nor our personal, human touch when it comes to bringing your hopes and dreams to the screen. Our process begins with a conversation: on the phone, on chat, or in person. We strive to provide the flexibility to meet your needs.

At this point in the process we identify the unique features that your website will require to flourish– including making it mobile friendly. Following this conversation we will meet with our team to prepare a number of viable options for bringing your site to life.

Your individual site needs remain a top concern through the duration of the process. For example, if you need an e-commerce website capable of offering your returning customers a coupon code for a percentage off of their purchase, this will be taken into account through the development, design, testing and implementation of your website. This ensures that that coupon code will work for your customers the very first time.

We aren’t in the business of using your customers as guinea pigs; we do all of our extensive testing prior to the launch of your website to maximize your customers’ experiences.

In the ever-shifting business of web design, we endeavor to stay on the cutting-edge of change and advancement in order to bring you the best possible service, because when it comes down to it, nothing brings us greater fulfillment than knowing we helped you bring your dream to fruition.

Our own dream started locally in the metro of Atlanta, however our online presence allows us to work with clients from nearly anywhere, and we welcome that opportunity! Let us help you with your web design project, just as we have helped so many others in their entrepreneurship journeys.

And make sure you reach out with any questions or comments!

The My Basic LLC Team

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