Web Design

Combined With A Solid Marketing Campaign Will Get You Where You Need To Be.

Responsive Website Design

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about our web design services! Since 2008 we’ve been building CMS websites and online stores for businesses. The difference since then? We build more mobile-friendly and optimized websites, we’ve learned a lot, and we have the experience to build you an awesome website.

Our goal as a web design company is to create a unique user experience for your customers and help your business reach and connect with them. What makes us unique? Our team and the connections we have.

We enjoy helping people reach their goal and we like figuring things out.

Who Will Write My Content?
Our team at My Basic LLC understands the importance of quality content for your newly developed website. We will work with you to create content that stands out from the competition by explaining what your business/services are and how they can help your readers.
What is Included on the New Site?
At My Basic LLC, we strive to provide rich sites that include basic tools such as cutting-edge graphics, engaging content, and stunning pictures. In addition to these regular features, our team also offers a wide variety of marketing tools along with search engine optimization techniques.
How Soon will My Website be Done?
We understand that you need your website up immediately and we will work with you to design the best website at a fraction of the usual time. We couple devoted team members along with hard work, ensuring that your website is functional as soon as possible.
How Much Does Website Design Cost?
The cost of website design depends on the amount of work that needs to be done to create the site, the number of pages necessary, and the research our team will need to perform. At My Basic LLC, we work to keep rates affordable and competitive!

Custom Website Development

We strive to be an exceptional web development company whose core consists of marketing. Our goal is to position your website to succeed and this happens with a custom-tailored marketing mix. Once we build your mobile-friendly website or online store, we’ll start the next phase of your marketing plan: Digital marketing. This will involve a strategic approach using search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and analytics. Our motive is to live up to our name and be good stewards of your business. We’re partners in your success, long term.

Please fill out the brief questionnaire below, that will empower us to learn more about your project needs.

Do You Offer Continuing Support?
Our team understands the hurdles that businesses face, and we seek to make the challenge as easy as possible through our website design. We offer long-term support that ensures your website will remain fully operational and attractive to the right readers.
Can I Make Changes to My Site?
We recognize that websites need to change with time, so we will help you with on-going services. If you foresee the need to make minor changes to your website, we will provide you with some basic training that will make it possible for you to adapt your site to your growing business.
What is Web Design?
At My Basic LLC, we help businesses succeed online by creating fantastic websites for them. Through our website design, we will support your business by designing a complete website that is fully functional and ready for the public to view. While getting an online presence can seem like a daunting task to business owners, our team is experienced and understands exactly how to create a website that is both appealing and attractive.

Whether you need your website designed from scratch or redesigned we can help.

Web Design is important, digital marketing which compliments web design is really important.

software architecture

Many of our packages include digital marketing because we understand we can’t just build your website and hope for the best. We must enact a plan to help your new website build up momentum and reach your intended audience.

Your website is like a new car and what makes it run well is sound web design, digital marketing, and web hosting. We’re about building your brand so you can launch successfully from day one.  Before your website is complete we’re thinking about what will need to be done to make your business come up in search results with search engines for keywords people are using to find your services. We include analytics as part of our packages to help you see what people are experiencing the most on your website.

Our web development services include analytics and data gathering, software architecture, development, testing, maintenance, and web hosting. We’d like to work with you on your project! Give us a call so we can learn more.

Our Team Has Experience Designing Web Sites With The Following Languages And Platforms:

ASP.NET, Java, PHP, AngularJS, Node.js, Web Services
CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke
E-Commerce: Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce
Custom Mobile Applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Responsive Mobile Web Apps
Desktop\Server Applications: ASP.NET, Java, C#VB
Databases: MongoDB, MS SQL Server, Access, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL Operating