Website Redesign: The Importance and Benefits of Updating

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website-redesign-mybasicllcHave you ever had that one pair of trusty shoes that you are just obsessed with? Maybe they are running shoes and you spent weeks online searching for them…

You finally found them and they are just the right color, they seem to fit even better than normal shoes in your size… It is like they were made just for you. But, of course, over time, wearing your favorite shoes just about every day takes a toll on them and eventually, it is time for an update. So, you go out, and buy another pair of shoes, it could be the exact same brand and size but maybe you switch up the color this time. Or, maybe you get the same brand but a different style. Updating things is important – from your favorite pair of shoes to your company website.

At some point, everything gets tired and needs an update. And, when your website has reached that point, we are here to help. Our team of experts can simply function as an extension of your team, tapping right into your desires for your website and redesigning it in a way that you will feel comfortable with and enjoy.

So, just like your feet benefit from a new pair of shoes, your website benefits from a new look:

  1. It makes your site more trustworthy.Another service our team of professionals’ offer is search engine optimization (SEO) which makes your site more visible to consumers on the internet…And, one key aspect to improving your ranking in the search is to consistently update your site.

    Google has actually created an algorithm to determine how often new content is added to your site, so maybe it is time to update that homepage and add a blog.

  2. It earns your customer’s trust.Have you ever been to a website that you went to in high school only to realize it looks the exact same?While it might be nostalgic, it also leaves you wondering if they even pay attention to their business anymore.

    Customers trust a site more that is always updating with current news, trends, and styles.

  3. It improves the user experience.

    The bottom line is you should always have your customers on your mind – they deserve the best experience possible.

    New things are always coming out – from new social media sites to share content on to new content marketing strategies.

    Redesigning your website will allow you to incorporate these market changes as they arise.

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