Are you not sure what to do to grow your business online? We’d like to share with you some tips that can help you get on the road to growth. One of the things we can help you learn as a digital marketing agency is who your competitors are. Many companies will teach you to shadow box but we get you in the ring to compete with your competition. You’ll notice in sporting competitions opponents will study their competition. Running a digital marketing campaign is no different. 
Our team will help you learn key stats about the audience you’re trying to reach. Attributes can include what they like to spend their time watching. and what their interests are. Does your service or product meet a need or want? That factor will influence our approach on reaching and connecting with your audience. Digital marketing is a fluid process and it is to your benefit to have us on your team. Because My Basic LLC is in the trenches fighting to you get your website ranked fireworks are going to fly.

Think about local keywords relevant to your industry

Let’s imagine you’re a new primary care physician and you recently opened your practice in Alpharetta, Georgia. In order let people know you’re open for business It is smart to include TV, Radio, and billboard in your digital marketing campaign. Do you want to be more precision guided in reaching your audience? Online marketing is the way to go.
Two things we know about your audience, they generally like watching things and they have a smartphone. This can mean they’re on YouTube,social media, and they look at their smartphone a lot.
We’re guessing you don’t want to spend your time on digital marketing so you can focus on your patients, is that an accurate assessment? Working with a digital marketing agency like us will position you to do that and more. When you’re new to the area it’s good to have us do the research to determine who your competition is for local keywords.
This data will be key during the digital marketing campaign. If your competition is using keywords like “family doctor near me” or “primary care physician” and we’re seeing those words bring in on average 100-1000 per month we’ll suggest these. The best part about our research is we see the competition level is low. This means we’ll be able to get you ranked faster for that keyword, this will help you grow your business online. 
We have a good idea where to begin and that’s with who is dominating the current leader boards. Sorry about that, this is like a competition to use and we’re bent on seeing you win. When it comes to getting results we can help you.

Create A Budget, this is key to your successwhat-to-do-to-grow-your-business-tips

A marketing budget is an important key to your success. To get an idea of what kind of budget you should have think about how much revenue you want to generate. Do you want aggressive growth or steady growth? Your answer to this will influence our strategy to reach your goals.
If you don’t know where to begin consider taking 10%-20% of what you want to make per month and setting your budget that way. If you want to make $17,250 a month consider investing $3,450 per month on digital marketing.

Think about your revenue projections

How much money do you want to generate per week, month, quarter, or year? It’s better to have a realistic goal so you can gauge your progress. Progress will help us know if we need to turn the fire up or down on the stove. You have to look at this one of two ways or a combination as you progress.

Adapt to your environment

COVID-19 is still disrupting what we used to call the norm with no end in sight. Being able to adapt will make the difference between the success or failure of your business. Want to grow your business online? Follow these tips and if you need further help call us.